As photographers, the hardest part of taking the perfect photo is looking for the perfect moment to capture. Since there are so many fields of photography, everyone can find an area of expertise they can excel in. If you are still confused about whether you like animal, landscape, or wedding photography, then let us give you a closer look at these categories so you can handpick one that you like.

First, we have food photography. As the name suggests, here, you get to capture images of food. This is mainly used to entice customers to sell a restaurant’s product. Also, most bloggers use this style of photography. However, keep in mind that you usually have to use natural light for this if you are not in a studio as flashes may tend to wash away the natural colors of the food. Thus, it can give you unwanted results.

Next, we have landscape photography. Like food photography, this is also one of the well-known types of photography, especially for travel bloggers. With this, you can show your audience a few glimpses of the place you are in.

Meanwhile, in fashion photography, you get to photograph subjects showcasing clothing or accessories. Often times, it is used for magazines, editorials, etc. But, it can also be used for fashion blogs where you can get to share some tips about fashion too.

Another type of photography is wildlife. Here, you can get to take photos of animals in their natural habitat. This type of photography is considered as one of the challenging ones as you have to act fast and on the spot.  In photographing animals, you also have to consider your movements as some animals can run away once they see you or worse, they might attack you if they are startled or if they feel threatened.

Moreover, macro photography is also included on the list. Here, you are required to have a macro lens to capture photos of small objects or bugs. With this, you can make them appear much larger than they are in real life.

In addition, we have sports photography. Here, your subjects are mainly athletes. This is very different from the other types of photography as you have to be very skillful in handling your camera as your subjects move a lot. On top of that, you have to make sure that you capture the brief moments precisely and accurately.

Photojournalism is also a photography style and is mainly used by the media, of course. Here, you have to capture unexpected events and you do not just point and shoot. Rather, your photos should tell stories as it becomes a visual representation of an event.

Lastly, we have forensic photography or crime scene photography. This one is not for the faint of heart, though. As the name suggests, this is a style of photography where you get to document crime scenes to provide records for the court. Here, you have to literally expect the unexpected as some scenes might be too brutal.

These are just a few types of photography that might help you decide. Nonetheless, regardless of what style of photography you choose, you still have to practice to hone your skills.

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